A Nightmare on Queer Street

Bride transgender being taken into police custody

Trans-bride arrested; bridegroom flees from the Valima venue

By Chronicler

Transgenders in Pakistan live a shadowy life owing to an unannounced social boycott from their immediate family members. So when they go out to take on the world with their queer identity, they’re condemned to negotiate a mean world. Against this backdrop, holding a transgender’s hand for a lifetime is an off-limits offence in conservative Pakistani society.

Efforts to mainstream the indigenous transgender populace hit a snag Monday last when Multan police lately raided an apparent Valima reception within Ada Bosan precinct and arrested several invitees along with a transgender, who had allegedly tied the knot with a man.

Reportedly Amir Dholon had tied knot with a transgender named as Mujahid and he had thrown a party to celebrate his wedding. The bridegroom avoided arrest and fled from the so-called crime scene while his ‘bride’ was arrested and taken into the police custody. Mujahid, who happens to be the bride, the Nikkah was solemnised a couple of days prior to the Valima reception, raided by the police.

Strangely several persons were invited on this occasion and those who attended it are in police custody and facing the music. According to police sources even some government officials were also attending this party when the police arrived on the crime scene.

There was lot of mess in the party when the policy party arrived and it started arresting the participants. Several participants attempted to flee from the crime scene but heavy deployment of the police foiled their attempt.

The police have claimed to have arrested almost all participants of this get-together but they failed to arrest the groom who fled when the raid was being conducted by the police. According  to sources in police, it will also nail him  soon.

There were some participants who had arrived on their cars to attend this ceremony. Dozens of them had arrived to enjoy free meal besides wishing this ‘couple’ best of luck in their future relationship.

According to sources on a tip off, the police party comprising of around 40 personnel raided the party and arrested dozens of participants.

This is yet to be learnt as how they were pronounced as wife and husband and who registered their marriage.

The police is supposed to proceed with the case after presenting the accused before some judicial magistrate. During this process it would request for physical remand, which in these circumstances is likely to be awarded to it.

Whether one accept it or not, this transgender phenomenon is increasing in the society. One may observe dozens of them clad in women like dresses and roaming everywhere in major cities. Generally they beg on the streets to earn their livelihood. However, according to some activists some of them basically work as sex workers and they are promoting gay culture. Obviously a section of the society has demand for these persons and that’s the reason their number is growing with the passage of every day.




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