PM Raises Eyebrows at Punjab MPA’s Skyward Salaries

PM's annoyance also forces Information Minister to  change his stance on raise of salaries of Punjab's MPAs

Newspaper's image carrying story about raise in salaries and allowances of Punjab's MPA's
image of PM Imran Khan’s pay slip

PM’s annoyance also forces Information Minister to  change his stance on raise of salaries of Punjab’s MPAs

Pak Chronicle Report


Federal government seems to be in state of confusion as what to do and what not after the decision of the Punjab Provincial Government to raise the salaries and other allowances of provincial lawmakers by 130 percent.

Interestingly the Prime Minister of Pakistan seems very much annoyed over this decision of the provincial government and he expressed his displeasure about this move through Twitter.

Fawad Chaudhry first defends and later opposes the move: On the other hand earlier the federal Information Minister Fawad Hussain Chaudhry defended the decision of the provincial government to increase the salaries and other perks and privileges of provincial ministers, provincial lawmakers and the chief minister of the province. During his media talk in Islamabad he wholeheartedly defended the move but when the prime minister expressed his annoyance over the massive increase in salaries and other allowances by the provincial government, the federal minister thought it better to second the opinion of the premiers instead to keep stressing on his earlier expressed stance over it and tweeted against the move.

PM expresses annoyance on raise of salaries and allowances of MPAs: In his tweet the premier said that he is very disappointed over the increase of salaries and allowances for the members of the assembly, provincial ministers and especially on the raise of salary and other perks and privileges of the Chief Minister, Usman Buzdar.

“I am extremely disappointed by decision of Punjab Assembly to raise pays & privileges of MPAs, Ministers & esp CM. Once prosperity returns to Pak such a move cld be justified, but now, when we do not have resources to provide basic amenities to all our people, this is untenable,” Imran Khan tweeted.

Afterwards Fawad Choudhry also tweeted against the move of the provincial government and said: “Seems Punjab Government and CM House is in dark about the PM and the federal government Austerity policies otherwise such sham exercise of awarding huge benefits to themselves would not have happened.”

PM’s salary slip gets viral on social media : Later on the pay slip of the premier also got viral on social media which revealed that he is drawing the salary and enjoying allowances which were even less than the federal  ministers’. The basic pay of PM is Rs107,280 and his sumptuary allowance is Rs50,000. According to this pay slip the premier is enjoying adhoc relief allowance of Rs21,456. The total net amount payable to the premier is Rs196,979 along with two other allowances of meager amounts. Rs4,595 income tax is deducted from the salary of Imran Khan.

Imran Khan got no Camp  Office: Imran Khan got no camp office as the premier and he is not getting government facilities for his private residential palace situated at Bani Gala, Islamabad.

This is learnt that the federal ministers do enjoy better salaries and allowances in comparison with Captain’s salary and now the provincial ministers, after this decision of the provincial government, would also be drawing more salaries and other allowances in comparison with Khan.

This is pertinent to mention here that the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi enjoys the salary of around Rs1 million and this is the most lucrative salary being enjoyed by any office bearer in Pakistan. However, decision into this effect was taken by Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) government when it was ruling the country and Mamnoon Hussain was the president of Pakistan.



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