Fumigation Spray Conducted in Rawalpindi Press Club

Rawalpindi Press Club Disinfected

Pak Chronicle Report


On self-reliance basis the members of Rawalpindi Press Club on Thursday thoroughly disinfected entire area of Rawalpindi Press Club.

Primarily this action was taken after surfacing of a coronavirus case in a press club’s member. The health condition of  the affected member is believed to be stable.

While leading from the front senior reporter and Secretary General of Crime and Court Reporter Association (CCRA) Rawalpindi, Syed Sultan Shah and the former president of the association Saddaqat Ali on self-reliance basis managed and operated the fumigation spray in the premises of the club.

Sultan Shah is the senior reporter of Abb Takk TV channel and he generally very actively pursues matters related with the club besides offering his services for the Rawalpindi based association of journalists.

Adjacent with Liaquat Bagh, the Rawalpindi Press Club is one of the most prominent press clubs of Pakistan which got its own history and prestige.

Located in the heart of Rawalpindi this club has seen various events taking place in the country since its decades old existence.

Moreover, recently in the club after the spread of coronavirus in Pakistan a disinfectant walk-through structure was setup with overhead sprays as a precautionary measure to avoid spread of the pandemic.



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